Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get drunk; write about bullshit. (A drunken love-letter to Valkyria Chronicles)

Fairly intoxicated. Such an event usually requires thorough analysis of relevant obsessions that I indulge in. Around tax season this year I finally decided to buy a Playstation 3, with my sights centered on a select few games, with those being: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (1 & 2, respectively), Heavy Rain, Demons' Souls, The Lost Guardian (still awaiting it's TBA release), and Valkyria Chronicles. To be honest, I don't know why I wanted a PS3 in the first place. I followed Heavy Rain from it's conception, birth, and finally it's release, but have thus played it. I've now aptly name it Shenmue 3 (unofficial edition), and while it still piques my interest, my desire to play it is fairly antiquated at this point for a number of reasons (I will play it; other games are a more pressing matter).

I could write about the other games, but since that last paragraph the alcohol is fairly stabilized in my system. I'd rather Eidos to keep making Tomb Raider games than play the macho Uncharted. Demons' Souls is a welcome third-person throwback to the hardcore days of the now obsolete dungeon-crawler like Wizardry, Ultima and even Phantasy Star, but I'm fairly pissed at that game at the moment--but for good reasons! The Lost Guardian I'm still fairly ecstatic for, but I consistently lose interest with the elapse of time. I still need to fucking play Ico. Something tells me Diablo III will be out by that time (doubt it), and any time that is considered luxurious will be spent probably playing Blizzard's latest abomination to an already stale catalog of repugnant 3D graphic accelerated games that accustom the market of Wal-mart DELL desktop users. Every Blizzard game looks like an updated version of Sim Theme Park--a game that originally looked like absolute piss in the prime of 3D computer gaming evolution. Look up Sim Theme Park and Warcraft III. Compare the two. I dare you. Certainly most games have surpassed the graphical prowess that was Warcraft III, but my observation still holds some relevancy to Blizzard's shit-excuse for "accessibility" and their departure from the morose and stygian graphics that encompassed the absolutely dire world that was both (especially) Diablo and Diablo II.

I forgot what I was talking about. I guess that was quite the tangent, and per usual, I digress from such. Anyway, the last thought I had was the prevalence of alcohol and the Playstation 3--oh, but that brings me to the main subject: Valkyria Chronicles! I have a hard time typing 'chronicles'. Oddly enough, the letters flow like the finest lepidopteran when I am intoxicated! How superb. Oh, where was I? Valkyria Chronicles has subdued my infernal hatred for modern gaming; or, at least to an extent. I'm a huge fan of tactical gaming, and obviously an anime influenced water-color art style (see Nausicaa tattoo), and Valkyria Chronicles has (surprisingly) surpassed many of my modern gaming qualms and expectations. Surely this blog could have been more of a convincing adulation for a game that I obviously admire, but I must admit the computer monitor is becoming quite transposed and queasy at the moment with my steady consumption of cheap rum and generic cola.

What am I getting at? Oh! It's a fantastic game! Aesthetics are highly prevalent, yes! Alicia has become quite the, er...character to admire and fancy. I like this game a lot. I like the narrative. I like the art style. I like the diverse lot of characters and the pseudo-steam punk WWII themed world. I am too drunk. I am glad I am still slightly coherent.

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