Monday, July 25, 2011

Spending Trees on Sega CDs

So, I finally bloody did it; I bought probably my most desired game for years: Snatcher, for the SegaCD, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It's been going up in value for this past year, so I've been trying to "snatch" (i want to die) it for a decent price, and that day has finally come! Yeah, it costs a damned piss-load, but in the hour and a half I've spent on it, it's already worth it. It's pure graphic adventure bliss, underneath a cyber-punk setting that just oozes the plot and feel of Blade Runner, mixed with Hideo Kojima's knack for storytelling and characters--before his current titles got so damned convoluted. 'Tis a shame the SegaCD receives hardly any romance, especially from casual gamers, for it is such a criminally over-looked machine with a fine library of games, with Snatcher being the console's swan song--and a beautiful one at that.

I've been after Snatcher for a couple of years, so that purchase was planned, and I guess you can consider that a legitimate excuse to spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a videogame; however, the next rarity I picked up was completely unplanned, and I did not expect to own it for a few years to come. Obviously the other aforementioned game would be Panzer Dragoon Saga, the game regarded as the rarest U.S. Sega Saturn game, not including the silly Daytona USA championship edition, or whatever. Anyhow, a friend came to me unexpectedly with news that he would be selling his videogame collection. I've envied his prized copy for some time now, and although he would be selling his collection, I did not expect he would be selling such a significant game, especially due to the fact that he had not beaten it. Regardless of such thoughts, he shot an offer, to which I countered, to which he countered again--and alas, I now own the damn game. Two such purchases within a week have made me feel a bit excessive, to which I must bow out of the videogame market for some time and attempt to rekindle my monetary losses, only to hopefully arise anew with bigger--and hopefully cheaper--purchases in the forthcoming future. May frivolous spending prevail.

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