Sunday, July 1, 2012

Asuka Sugo PVC by Wave

Hey! I took a photo for this blog that wasn't blurry and dimly lit! I'm obviously moving up in the world; or, I just decided to go outside and use that infernal thing known as "natural light"--better known as the sun--to efficiently show the beauty of magnificent PVC in the form of anime hotties. Short blog, but a worthy one, I'd say.

The spotlight figure is Asuka Sugo from the Sunrise anime Futuer GPX Cyber Formula, which could be best described as a sort of Mach Go Go Go/Speed Racer meets the video game series F-Zero. I embarrassingly haven't seen the full duration of the original series, but that doesn't stop my bizarre infatuation of girls wearing visors--or, you know, anime babes from the golden years of anime. Plus, the character designer of the show also holds quite a bit of unexpected relevancy to this blog from some of my past posts about Windaria and Leda: Mutsumi Inomata. Kinda bizarre, yet it makes sense, for when Wave announced this figure earlier this year I immediately desired it, yet ultimately let it go under the radar due to funds and a short attention span, among other probable and culpable reasons. Alas, the first run of figures sold out quite quickly, resulting in a second run in April. Clearly a sign from Crom himself, I indulged and wouldn't be made a fool of again from the impudent realm of the internet and figure collecting.

There is probably a billion figure reviews for every release out there, so I'll kind of refrain from that and just focus on the goodies. If there isn't such a review, and one seeks more detailed information, I'd be glad to do a full review, so just let me know. I'm looking at you, internet lurker that found my blog looking for doujinshi hentai of Asuka on Google.

Anyhow, it's a 1/10 figure made of PVC by Wave, which stands at around six and a half inches. Not many accessories but the shown umbrella, but she also includes an exchangeable headband in replacement of the shown visor, much like in the show. Wave makes some pretty nice figures, and while they usually don't exceed the 1/10 size, they are usually quite affordable in this over-inflated market of figure collecting, usually within the range of 3,000-4,000 yen, depending on your method of purchasing.

In the middle of writing this I actually uncovered that Wave will be re-releasing the figure once again, this time in a "dengeki" version to commemorate the upcoming Blu-Ray collection of the series. Not much has been changed but for another exchangeable hair piece, this time giving the option of short hair, as well as the small inclusion of a wedding ring on her right hand. A worthy addition for those that missed the initial two runs, yet it seems the figure went up about 1,000 yen or more in price. Ah, and so goes the figure market.

There's about a thousand figures out there of Asuka Sugo from the various series and OVAs of Cyber Formula. Most had pretty limited runs and are now out of print, which is pretty usual for any company. There are a few other impressive figures of her that have been made, but most have a pretty mediocre design and stray from the original character depiction, while another handful are overtly sexual with misplaced proportions and the typical "fantasy" nudity and pronounced nipples and whatever else. Wave did a damn good job recreating the character in model form. Everything from Inomata's wonderful, large eyes to the lithe figure of the character has been faithfully transitioned from two-dimensional drawing to three-dimensional PVC. A must-have for a collector, really.

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