Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Devil Hunter Yohko and Fun References!

While watching Devil Hunter Yohko OVA 2 the other day, I noticed a few subtle, yet accurate things that made me all tingly and giddy inside. Yes, references. References make me so happy; it's kinda hard, yet almost embarrassingly awkward to explain: I like...the things I like, so I like to see them in daily life and other things; thus, it makes me happy! I probably reference Fist of the North Star and something Robert E. Howard related--usually Crom--every day. So, when a hobby of mine references another--BAM! Instant gratification! It's like Megazone 23 referencing Walter Hill and Gradius, or even something as simple as Crusher Joe having a cameo from Dirty Pair, or everything ever in the Parodius! series. Things I love, combined with things I love--what's not to love! Oh, yes. Yes. Neurotic fun. Also, it's like another aforementioned drunken entry about Lupin the 3rd with a Helloween reference! Bahahahahaha. Life.

My Japanese is slowly getting better, but it'd be hard for me to miss the Ranma 1/2 spine anywhere, regardless of a 2 second establishing shot or otherwise. Upon closer inspection, though, it looks like they cleverly made it Ranma 1/3! Not really clever, yeah...but I liked it. Hard for me to read anything else on the spines, really, but it's obvious to note the Godzilla book and some sort of "OVA Film Story" book among the others. Highly doubtful anyone reads this trash, but if ya do, a translation would be highly appreciated! Could ask some overseas buddies but I probably bother them enough as it is through YahooJP auctions and such.

This wonderful shot of Yohko in her room inspired me to do this whole bit. I immediately noticed the PC-Engine--Duo-R, even!--and had to pause the screen. I'm a silly fanboy for all things PC-Engine, and while I know the PC-Engine did quite well in Japan--compared to our Turbografx-16, especially--it was still quite a site to see the Duo-R in all it's animated glory! Closer inspection also shows that it was accurately drawn, containing both a 4-player multi-tap as well as an accurate 2-button controller! Also, importantly noted is the accurate renditions of a Super-Famicom and a Mega-drive, as well as even a Neo-Geo Pocket and Atari-Lynx! How fantastic! I mean, this screenshot pretty much sums up my life: anime babez and retro video games; it doesn't get much better than that. References, people! Ooooooooooh, I'm giddy for such. Might be some interesting things still in this cap that I can't tell, so once again, anyone who can add, please do! Might especially be missing out on the magazine, but I cannot tell. Such detail! Even the AC adapter can be seen plugged into the switch! Yes.

Also, I guess I should note that a new figure of Leda from Leda: The Fantastic Adventures of Yohko is up for pre-order! I almost shat my damn pants when I first saw the news, but sadly, I probably won't be getting it. The price is a bit much for my broke ass, but that probably wouldn't stop me, regardless. I dunno; the figure is pretty small for the price, but man, the pose is all sorts of wrong. I kinda hate it. The sculpt is good, mind you, but the pose--it's awkward! I'm all for bishojo figures and such, but it really seems like they cut size to make an "affordable" figure of her kneeling, which really just doesn't fit the character at all or any of the concept art, even. It just doesn't appeal to me, at least for that price. I can't imagine such a figure would sell well, and if it ever goes halfsies, then maybe I'll pick it up. It really is a nice sculpt, but I just feel they could have done a much better job with the pose; regardless, I'm surprised they even made a damn Leda figure! To my knowledge, the only other figure in existence was an old garage kit that looked vaguely similar to her. So yeah, can't complain--but I did. I'll probably still fuckin' buy it.

Got a new Sega Genesis RGB cable from a buddy on the interwebs. Time to go play some glorious Wings of Wor on a beautiful CRT!

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