Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko: A Consummate Example of 80's Animated Bliss

Good god. Talk about combining everything I love about 80's anime into one beautifully animated amalgamation of feminine aesthetics, sword & sorcery, giant robots, and a dash of classical piano complemented with J-pop. Damn shame that Righstuf released a dubbed VHS at one point and probably doesn't own the rights anymore. Thankfully a phenomenal rip exists of what I gather is a now terribly out of print--and sumptuously priced--Region 2 DVD. Big surprise there, of course. I guess one can hope in their most outlandish otaku dreams that such a thing can get localized at some point. I'm sure Righstuf is just waiting for the right moment to surprise the .04% of classic anime and release a fairly obscure OVA to the public, right? Hopefully I can commission an internet buddy to make me a poster of it and further whet my insatiable desire for even more posters and figures and all that materialistic hogwash that I need.

But yeah: teenage girl stuck in an alternate fantasy dimension. Talking dogs. Robots. Magic and shit. It's perfect. Do yourself a favor and download it here: http://bakabt.me/149936-genmu-senki-leda-h264-remastered-a-fanrips.html

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