Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Esoterics, wine...graduate to whiskey. STARE AT THE CAT on the bed. Nebelung. This is a rare breed. This is the best goddamn cat you've ever seen. He knows what he wants, but it doesn't stop there, fool. Stay loyal till the day I die, and will watch anime with me. Can't buy that at the fuckin' market. Listen to late 80's jpop...maybe transcend into some 90's shit. Watching a bunch of "Oh, My Goddess" OVA; get real fuckin' depressed. Realize that harem anime is the only thing that you need...but that's a lie, especially since the aforementioned isn't such a sub-genre. GET fuckin' pissed. Live off of sandwiches and shit for years--oh, you saw that? Get over it; it's godly, at best. Get a fuckin' Mai Shiranui figure in the mail? 11"? Oh, but half the goddamn head fell off? You can rot off, bitches; this isn't some fuckin' fairy tale. Toei's mascot's film is mediocre.

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